About Us

Our History

In March, 1969, members of the First Church of God, Clearwater, Florida meet to discuss plans for a new congregation. Early in 1970 prayer meetings were held in various homes and retired Church of God minister Rev. Chester Egert agreed to direct the work. Working with him were families of Wayne Barber, John Carlton, Elmer Jones, Arthur Luikart and Rev. John Sempsrott.

    The first services were conducted at Duval Funeral Home in October 1970, with Rev. Chester Egert as pastor. In May 1973, the first services were held in the new church building on Trouble Creek Road. With $500.00 from the Clearwater congregation and much help from the Florida State Kingdom Builders program, the West Pasco Church of God became a reality.

    Rev. Robert Ball and family were called as the first full time pastor and assumed that responsibility in September 1972. In December 1972 the congregation moved out of the funeral home and into an office building where they continued to meet until the new church building was ready for worship services. It should be noted that while at the funeral home, the congregation bought and paid for the land upon which the new church stands (over 5 acres).


    In late 1974, Ron & Becky Bower, a young married couple from Warner Southern College, were called to the church as music and youth ministries.

 In early 1975 the congregation purchased a home across the street and converted it to a much needed fellowship hall.

    Rev. Ball resigned the pastorate in 1977 to accept a call from Eaton, Ohio. In August 1977, Rev. David Brown was called as pastor. The Brown's with their 3 children, began their ministry in September 1977. Rev. Brown was here for over 18 years.

Pastor John and Pat Rathbun came here in 2006. Pastor John served the church faithfully for 10 years. Pastor John passed away in December of 2016.

Pastor Artie Campbell and his family were called to the ministry as our Lead Pastor in April of 2018.